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  • Environment
    China to restore groundwater ecosystem functions by 20352019-04-02
    China will strive to generally restore the functions of its groundwater ecosystem with enhanced water quality by 2035 in an effort to curb water pollution.
    Innovation fuels China's green drive2019-03-13
    With building a "Beautiful China" high on the national agenda, China has been tapping into its creativity to make a greener country.
    Nation aids joint desertification fight2019-02-27
    China will continue to boost cooperation in prevention and control of desertification with other nations, especially with those involved in the Belt and Road, through sharing technology, facilities and professional training, a senior official said on Tuesday.
    China's largest saltwater lake level rises further2019-02-23
    China's largest inland saltwater lake saw its water level rise 0.48 meters in 2018 as a result of increased rainfall, the local meteorological center said.
    January air quality worsens in major Chinese cities2019-02-18
    Major Chinese cities saw worsening air quality in January, according to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE).
    Shanghai talks about waste management2019-01-29
    Legislators at the ongoing session of Shanghai People's Congress are practicing trash classification as they review the city's first regulation on domestic garbage management.
    Water quality of Dianchi Lake improved in SW China's Yunnan2019-01-22
    Water quality in the Dianchi Lake rose to grade IV in 2018, the best in the recent 30 years, after a series of restoration measures.
    China's pollution control meets 2018 targets2019-01-21
    China has met its annual target for pollution control in 2018, with more blue skies, cleaner waters and greener mountains.
    Beijing builds earth simulation platform2019-01-09
    Construction of an earth simulation platform is underway in Beijing to step up research, authorities said Tuesday.
    China's air quality improves in 20182019-01-08
    The air quality in 338 Chinese cities improved in 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment said Monday.
    New law on soil pollution will pinpoint responsibility2019-01-02
    The country's first national law on soil pollution and control came into force on Tuesday, defining responsibilities for pollution and establishing a special fund for the costs of remediation.
    China to revise indoor air quality standard2018-11-30
    The National Health Commission (NHC) has initiated a revision of China's current indoor air quality standard, said its official website Friday.
    China to push forward land greening campaign2018-11-21
    China on Tuesday unveiled a plan to enhance its land greening efforts and boost domestic ecological resources.
    Fish species on brink of extinction as water quality declines2018-11-19
    Textbooks used in middle schools often call the Yangtze River one of the Mother Rivers of China as it has 49 tributaries, each with a drainage area of more than 10,000 square kilometers, and hundreds of attached lakes.
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