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  • Education
    China reveals reform plans for college entrance exam in more provinces2019-04-24
    Eight provincial-level regions announced plans for comprehensive reform of the college entrance exam Tuesday, marking the third batch of pilot regions in China to launch the reform.
    Feature: As graduation draws near, Chinese students in U.S. see future back home2019-04-22
    Despite having already landed an offer in the United States, He Jielin showed up at the job fair organized by Chinese companies on Saturday just outside of Washington D.C..
    AI major now available at Chinese universities2019-04-16
    A total of 35 universities in China will become the country's first batch to open artificial intelligence courses for undergraduates, according to the Ministry of Education.
    China tops world in open online courses2019-04-10
    China has over 200 million people taking massive open online courses (MOOC), leading the world in both the number and the scale of application of such courses.
    China's Westlake University starts construction of main campus2019-04-04
    Westlake University, a new research-oriented private university, started construction Wednesday of its main campus in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou.
    Colleges lower independent enrollments2019-04-03
    Universities in China have reduced their quotas for the independent enrollment of high school graduates.
    Tibet teaching project raises standards and aspirations2019-04-01
    Educators from Jiangsu province are forging a new Qian Weisheng, a teacher of Chinese from Jiangsu p
    More Chinese study abroad in 20182019-03-28
    The number of Chinese people studying overseas reached 662,100 last year, 53,700 more than that in 2017, according to the Ministry of Education Wednesday.
    Cambridge accepts gaokao for application2019-03-26
    The University of Cambridge on Monday confirmed that China'sgaokao, or the National College Entrance Examination, is regarded as a suitable preparation for Cambridge.
    Experts discuss AI-education integration2019-03-23
    Chinese scientists and education experts have gathered to discuss the in-depth integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and education as well as innovative development in this regard at a symposium.
    Rural schools get improved govt support2019-02-27
    Rural education in China has seen major improvements and has gained measurably when it comes to facilities, equipment and teacher quality, the Ministry of Education said on Tuesday.
    Shanghai math methods add up in UK2019-01-31
    Debbie Morgan smiles with pride when a previously underperforming British student gives a correct answer in class after learning math the Shanghai way.
    China's CSE English proficiency scale links to IELTS, Aptis2019-01-16
    An institution under China's Ministry of Education (MOE) and the British Council Tuesday jointly released the results of their collaborative research on linking IELTS and Aptis to China's Standards of English Language Ability (CSE).
    Bilingual approach helps to broaden horizons2019-01-11
    More middle-income families are sending their children to international schools.
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