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    New anemia drug gets China approval2018-12-20
    Roxadustat, a domestically developed first-in-class Class 1 medicine, has received approval from the National Medical Products Administration, making China the first country that has greenlighted the oral medicine used for treatment of anemia caused by chronic kidney disease.
    Shutting down key genes helps re-grow damaged nerves: study2018-12-13
    Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have identified some of the key steps taken by peripheral nerves in the arms and legs as they regenerate.
    New blood test could save millions from blindness: researchers2018-12-12
    Australian scientists have developed a blood test capable of saving millions of people around the world from going blind.
    Smartphones, tablets could change children's brain structures: study2018-12-11
    Children who spend more than seven hours a day on screens like smartphones and video games experience "premature thinning of the cortex," according to a new and ongoing study.
    New drug combination offers breakthrough for breast cancer patients2018-12-07
    Australian researchers on Friday said they have successfully combined two cancer drugs, offering a breakthrough in the treatment of women with metastatic breast cancer.
    Stem cells do not exist in adult hearts: study2018-12-04
    A study published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reached a disappointing conclusion: heart steam cells that might have repaired the heart muscle after a heart attack did not exist in adults.
    U020181129331405664093.jpg Gene scientists debate ethics of experiment2018-11-29
    The National Health Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a statement on Wednesday saying they are paying a lot of attention to the case of two gene-edited babies.
    Invention helps to set proper doses of antibiotics2018-11-27
    Chinese scientists have developed a prototype instrument to quickly determine the level of antibiotic resistance in cells infecting a patient, thereby allowing more precise administration of the drugs.
    Gene editing experiment generates controversy2018-11-27
    A Chinese scientist's attempt to produce the world's first gene-edited babies who are immune to HIV has sparked heated controversy among those in academia and the public.
    Low-cost drugs may be effective cancer prevention tools: study2018-11-22
    Inexpensive drugs, aspirin and a purified omega-3 called EPA, can reduce the number of pre-cancerous polyps in patients found to be at high risk of developing bowel cancer, according to a study released Tuesday by the University of Leeds.
    Pain-free childbirth to be promoted2018-11-22
    China will launch a pilot program aimed at getting more women to give birth naturally with painkillers to reduce the frequency of C-sections.
    Cerebellum checks, corrects thoughts, movement: study2018-11-05
    U.S. researchers suggested that the cerebellum has a hand in every aspect of higher brain functions, not just movement, but attention, thinking, planning and decision-making.
    Inflammation can lead to circadian sleep disorder: study2018-11-02
    Inflammation has unexpected effects on body clock function and can lead to sleep and shiftwork-type disorders, a Northwestern Medicine study in mice found.
    Both overweight, underweight linked to increased death risk: British study2018-11-02
    Both low and high Body Mass Indices (BMI) were associated with an increased risk of death from various causes, according to a new study recently released by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).
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