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    Reading meets high-tech at book expo2018-07-20
    At the 28th National Book Expo beginning on Thursday, innovative technology for buying, reading and listening has been caught in the spotlight.
    China's Poverty alleviation campaign inspires sci-fi writers2018-07-02
    China's poverty reduction program is attracting new participants -- science fiction writers.
    δ????_????.jpg Book detailing China's role in shared human future launched at London Book Fair2018-04-11
    Book detailing China's role in shared human future launched at London Book Fair
    Book fair unveils "age of audio books"2018-01-12
    In the "age of audio books," artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the lead, with the domestic market for audio books estimated to increase to 4.43 billion yuan (680.5 million U.S. dollars), according to the Beijing Book Fair, which opened Thursday.
    Beijing Book Fair opens with flourish2017-08-24
    A five-day spree of book events kicked off with a flourish on Wednesday as the 24th Beijing International Book Fair in Beijing opened featuring guest of honor Iran and its theme "The Colorful Dream of the Silk Road".
    Chinese novels make waves globally2017-01-06
    Literary works from the mainland made a mark on the international stage last year.
    Hidden books on Chinese subways met with mixed response2016-11-17
    Lucky subway and taxi passengers in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai might stumble upon a hidden book during their commutes.
    Chinese sci-fi prepares to master the universe2016-08-23
    On Sunday, a second Chinese author received the prestigious Hugo Award for science fiction, this time in the category of best novelette.
    New book shows Chinese youth another side of Marx2016-07-31
    The second edition of a book about Karl Marx, aimed at boosting the 19th-century thinker's appeal among young people, was published on Friday.
    Chinese sci-fi writer shortlisted for Hugo Award2016-04-28
    Chinese science fiction writer Hao Jingfang was shortlisted for the Hugo Award for her book"Folding Beijing, "according to Tsinghua University, where she is pursuing her doctorate.
    9_????148.jpg "Most beautiful bookstore" puts into trial operation in China's Hangzhou2016-04-25
    "Most beautiful bookstore" puts into trial operation in China's Hangzhou
    Chinese sci-fi novel international bestseller2016-02-03
    The English edition of "The Three-Body Problem" by Liu Cixin has sold more than 110,000 copies worldwide since its debut over a year ago, its English copyright holder announced on Wednesday.
    Publisher shows global path to contemporary literature2016-01-06
    Pathlight magazine introduces contemporary Chinese literature and is published in several languages including German , Russian , Italian and English . Photos provided to China Daily.
    8_????140.jpg Spend New Year in bookstores across China2016-01-04
    Readers spent New Year holiday in bookstore in north China's Tianjin Province, Jan.1, 2016.
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