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  • Pharmaceutical & Food
    China to cut taxes for rare-disease drugs2019-02-23
    China's Ministry of Finance announced Friday VAT reductions for rare-disease drugs to lower the cost for patients with rare diseases and encourage development of the pharmaceutical industry.
    VAT cut offers hope to rare disease patients2019-02-19
    Starting next month, the value-added tax on 21 medicines and four active pharmaceutical ingredients for treating rare diseases will be cut from 16 percent to 3 percent to help reduce costs and ease financial difficulties for patients.
    Popularizing TCM worldwide2019-02-18
    Gansu province-based Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is becoming well known the world over for its concentrated pills, a unique type of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM for a range of diseases or conditions like asthma, diabetes, tuberculosis, cataract, hypertension and hepatitis.
    China unveils pilot "group-buying" plan to cut drug prices2019-01-18
    China has unveiled a pilot medicine procurement program to be tried in 11 major cities to lower drug prices and reduce the burden on patients.
    Boom to spiritualize comfort food segment2019-01-07
    Comfort food, or snacks and beverages that people consume for pleasure or mood enhancement rather than nourishment or energy, has big business potential in China, which could help the segment to evolve, according to an industry report.
    Drugmakers applaud accelerated approvals2019-01-04
    China is approving foreign drugs at a record speed, which industry sources said shows the country's commitment to further opening up its healthcare sector and supporting innovation.
    China's top liquor brand Moutai to sell 31,000 tonnes of liquor in 20192019-01-02
    China's top alcohol brand Kweichow Moutai said Saturday that the company plans to sell about 31,000 tonnes of product in 2019.
    Tariff changes aim to cut drug prices2018-12-29
    China has decided to cut tariffs on a range of imported raw materials used in medicines, which industry analysts said signaled the government's heightened efforts to reduce high drug prices and improve people's healthcare.
    Massive growth prospects for nation's dairy market over the next five years2018-12-13
    China will see significant growth potential in the consumption of organic milk, yogurt and cheese products, fueled by increasing demand for premium products from quality-conscious consumers, according to a new report.
    Chinese pharmaceutical companies boost exports to US2018-11-12
    Chinese pharmaceutical companies boosted their exports to the United States at an exhibition in Las Vegas on Thursday and Friday, with an actual transaction of more than $2.3 million.
    Chinese get taste for imported foods2018-11-08
    At first glance Jiang Qin's small store in downtown Shanghai seems just like any other hole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop grocery in China, if a little more cramped and messy.
    Online drug tracing system in the pipeline2018-11-03
    China will accelerate the building of an online drug tracing system for vaccine, anesthetic drugs and psychoactive drugs to ensure the safety of pharmaceuticals, the China Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday.
    Dairy eyes big rise in consumption2018-10-29
    A new report has labelled Chinese residents weak in knowledge and hence consuming low volumes of dairy products, suggesting there is significant growth potential for the domestic dairy industry.
    Prices of 17 cancer drugs cut by 56.7 percent2018-10-12
    Payment standards for 17 types of anti-cancer drugs newly included in China's healthcare security system, on average, 56.7 percent lower than their retail prices, according to National Healthcare Security Administration Thursday.
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