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    China's STAR market spearheads domestic capital market reform2019-11-05
    The short-term performance of individual stocks is not a proper gauge to evaluate the ongoing capital market reform advanced by the science and technology innovation board (STAR), a senior official said in an interview with Xinhua.
    Chinese SOEs rise from scratch to spotlight2019-09-18
    China's state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have navigated torrential waters over the past 70 years, from breaking the ground for the country's industrial system to becoming the model of enterprises worldwide, and are now pledging more contributions to the world economy.
    Unboxing China's policy toolkit to fend off economic headwinds2019-07-18
    Although external uncertainties abound and domestic downward pressure has grown, China's policymakers have many economic levers at hand to combat the challenges.
    Commentary: Navigating headwinds, China remains anchor for world economy2019-07-15
    In an otherwise turbulent world fraught with uncertainties, China's steadily expanding economy came as a relief and once again proved its key role in powering global growth.
    Green light on 5G commercial use to fast-track China's connected future2019-06-06
    China officially approved 5G commercial services Thursday, marking the start of a smart new era as the application of the superfast wireless technology helps connect more things, services and market players.
    China may power a quarter of global GDP by 20302019-03-25
    After sustaining strong growth for more than two decades, the Chinese economy is now affected by trade disputes and the global economic slowdown. No wonder the government is calling for a cautious approach while continuing its efforts to transition the economy from an investment-driven model to one of consumption, services and innovation. These are positive steps, not just for China but also for the global economy.
    Farewell to GDP as only performance indicator2019-03-13
    THE NATIONAL BUREAU OF STATISTICS will centralize the checking and computation of the gross domestic product of provincial-level regions this year, and halt the conventional practice of ranking the regions in terms of GDP size and GDP growth rate.
    A more innovative China plays "leading" role in developing AI, big data, says scholar2019-02-27
    China has started to play a "leading" role in development in such areas as AI (artificial intelligence) and big data as the country is transforming from a labor-intensive economy to a greener and more innovative one, said a leading scholar.
    Ambassador says China to bring opportunities as its economy remains robust2019-02-19
    Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming said on Monday that the Chinese economy that remains robust will bring further opportunities to the whole world.
    Building greater bay area presents new opportunities: People's Daily2019-02-19
    The development plan of the Greater Bay Area in southern China has presented new opportunities for the deepening of cooperation within the region, said a commentary to be published Tuesday on People's Daily.
    Commentary: China's economy shows resilience amid global uncertainty2019-01-22
    Amid external uncertainties and a rise in protectionism, China's gross domestic product (GDP) expanded 6.6 percent year on year in 2018, illustrating the resilience of its economy.
    Financing for developing nations must be beefed up2019-01-08
    Even as the global economy is growing, the basic needs of developing countries are rising as many grapple with population growth, conflict and environmental degradation.
    Prudent policies can ensure constant growth2018-12-25
    On Dec 18, commemorating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, President Xi Jinping reviewed the glorious course of the great cause has taken, summed up the great achievements and valuable experiences, and urged the entire Party and people of all ethnic groups to continuously advance reform and opening-up.
    Housing sector could set new pricing trend2018-12-21
    With the real estate market experiencing fluctuations this year, both the supply side and demand side, at different times, have indicated the realty market would cool down. And many are worried whether the cooling trend will continue next year.
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